Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flannel Friday: Hide-and-Seek Mice: A Flannel Rhyme

For an upcoming storytime with a "Let's Play" theme, I made my own original hide-and-seek flannel game rhyme.  In the photo, the mice are visible, but for the game/rhyme, I'll hide them behind the chimney, the hole in the tree, the window, the door, the doghouse, some grass, and the flower.  (I accidentally left the grass out of the photo.)  The line for the window might be a bit too obscure for toddlers...I may revise it after I see how they respond.

Hide-and-Seek Mice

Can you find me? Where can I be?
I’m where Santa comes in with gifts all for me.

Can you find me? Where did I hide?
A squirrel lives here, deep down inside.

Can you find me? Where, oh, where?
Look close at my hiding place, and you’ll see yourself there.

Can you find me?  Where have I been?
My favorite hiding place is soft and green.      
Can you find me? What will you do?
I’m behind something you can walk through.

Can you find me? It’s very dark,
In this place I share with someone who says, “Bark.”

Can you find me? I’m the last one,
Behind something that grows on a stem in the sun.

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  1. Thanks for participating. Those are pretty cute mice - good thing they come out of their hiding spots eventually!

  2. Beautiful flannel set! Your mice are adorable! I think my favorite hiding place is in the tree.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a lovely weekend!