Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flannel Friday: Sleeping Bag Chant

One of my favorite storytime CDs is H.U.M.: Highly Usable Music by Carole Peterson, and this summer in toddler storytime, we’re doing her “Sleeping Bag Chant” every week during the summer library program.    This week’s flannel figures are visual cues to help us remember the critters in this cumulative chant.  

The chant on the CD has verses for owl, bat, ghost, and add-your-own animal, but we’re going to do it without the CD and I’ve added several of my own.  Here are the lyrics:

Sleeping Bag Chant
I was lying in my sleeping bag—I couldn’t get to sleep
When the wind began to howl and the bugs began to creep.
So I rolled to the left and I rolled to the right
And I heard every sound that you hear at night—
Owl.  Hoo hoo.

Repeat the chant with:
bat (flap, flap)
ghost (whooooooooo)
and add-your-own, but I’m adding …
coyote (aroooooo, aroooo)
cat (meow, meow)
mouse (squeak, squeak)
bunny (hop hop)
and cricket (chirp, chirp)

Each time a new creature/sound is added, we will repeat the previous ones, too. I can’t wait!  The chant has been stuck in my head all week!  If I had smaller groups for storytime, I would pass out drums and we would drum to the chant, but our toddler groups are already huge and get even bigger during the summer, so we’ll just keep time by patting our legs. 

The owl is a miniature version of Sunflower Storytime's template, and for the rest, I used clip art from a database to which my library subscribes.  

At my other library, we're doing the chant as part of our shadow puppet show on June 13th, but we're still working on the puppets, so I'll post a pic when they're done.

This week the Flannel Friday roundup is being hosted by Lisa at Libraryland.


  1. Love this! We are doing a camping theme the first week and have been looking for something else to add. This is perfect, thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this!! We'll be doing a camping theme the last week of Summer Reading storytime in July...this is perfect!

  3. I love Carole Peterson's Dancing Feet and use it all the time. I'll have to check out this CD.

  4. Perfect for summer! Camping storytime ... fantastic.

  5. I just love your flannel pieces. Nicely done!